By listening to your needs, and thanks to the 3D and 2D design systems we can speed up the development process of any product.



The reverse engineering process consists in the detailed analysis of the operation, design and development of an object (device, component, mechanism, etc.) in order to produce a new device that has a similar functioning, perhaps improving or by increasing its efficiency, without actually copying anything from the original.

In the case of motorcycle tanks, the production process begins with the manual creation of a sculpture. The prototype is modeled in such a way as to give it specific functional and aesthetic characteristics.


From the following images you can see an example, the customer needed a smaller tank than the original one and with an excavation on the top to improve the total aerodynamics of the bike.



PHASE 1: From the sample we found the fundamental odds


PHASE 2: We have created a virtual maquette with the customer's needs


STEP 3: Here is the product during the last stages of work